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Hailing from the Brazilian streets of São Paulo, Brazaman is an authentic reggae songwriter dedicated to spreading conscious music and positive vibrations.

‘Under the Sun’ is the lead single from the solo artist's second album ‘The Loop of Life’ and will be released on December 1st through Fight Night Records.


The single is a spotless premier to an album that delivers a fresh and exciting take on the Reggae genre, and will be promoted with a national tour in 2021 (TBA). Brazaman set up in Melbourne as a street performer in 2015 after touring his debut album through Brazil and New Zealand.


Landing in Bourke Street mall, home to Australia’s finest busking acts, Brazaman polished his live show to an international level, dominating the Mall with his live looping act. Moving between guitar, bass, keys and percussion, Brazaman seamlessly builds up tracks on the fly with his distinctive vocal always leading the one man show.


In early 2020, Brazaman teamed up with identical twin producers, Harley & Delaney Stewart to write and record ‘The Loop of Life’ at their Melbourne studio, Fight Night Records. The Album was cut live with some of the city’s top session players and will be one of Reggae’s most exciting releases for 2020.



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