Brazaman is a Reggae Singer/Songwriter spreading conscious music and lyrics inspired by diversity and originality. 


Hailing from Brazil, Brazaman has lived abroad for more then 7 years, studying music in New Zealand and later moving to Melbourne, Australia. In 2011, he toured nationally thorough New Zealand after recording his first EP, “Bless Up”. Back in Brazil in 2014 he released a live EP with the backup band “Jungle Trio.” In 2015, after relocating to Melbourne, Brazaman began performing extensively as a street artist in Melbourne’s city.


Throughout 2017 Brazaman dedicated his time and efforts into the development of the album “JAH WORKS”. A work inspired by the power of unity, and music as a tool to educate and bring people together which has shone through collaborations with local and international reggae artists. 


 2020 turning with a new Album entitled "The Loop of life"  with a new lineup of original songs  Brazaman now is focused on touring and promoting his Live Looping Act as a Solo Artist.

Recording several instruments and building up songs with a very lively performance that will get you moving (and thinking!)

 Brazaman is ready and the engine is running! We’re looking forward to promote more good works thru music !


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